I grew up in Maryland and went to high school and college there.  I moved to Massachusetts when I was 22 and got my Masters in Education. I married and brought up 3 children in Massachusetts. We lived in Massachusetts for about 36 years and then recently moved to Houston, Texas to be near my mother who is 93. In 2021 we moved to Waco Texas to be near our daughter’s family and our 2 grandchildren. Our son and his wife live in California and our other daughter and her husband live in Ohio.

I started in the education field as a special needs teacher. In teaching special needs children, I worked on adapting processes and different skills, materials and techniques to enable them to learn. I also helped them to create gifts for special occasions for their families.  That required lots of adaptations to meet their skill levels.  When we had our first child, I decided to become a full time mother and left teaching.  As our children grew older, sometime during the early 1990’s, I began taking weaving lessons. After several years of weaving I decided to take a jewelry class. That was in 2005. Since then, I have taken many more jewelry classes, built a studio and began selling my work both at craft shows and through word of mouth. To this day, I am a student who loves to take classes to learn different techniques and perfect my work.