I started weaving and jewelry making because I love making things. I never considered myself an artist, but I always had a passion for doing craft projects and making gifts for my family and friends. This passion translated itself into a desire to expand my own capabilities.  And so I have been learning techniques for making jewelry for 7 years. I started with precious metal clay where I learned about fusing glass in a kiln.  Here, I began incorporating color, shape and movement in my work.

I love color and for that reason have been drawn to including stones, colored and dichroic glass and combining copper, silver and brass metals in my work.  I usually fuse the glass and shape the stones that I include in my pieces. As I learn new techniques or experiment with old ones my work grows and changes with me.

Each of my pieces is unique. I really enjoy making pieces that are one of a kind.  I have a few items that are similar, but they are all individually made.  When I work, I lose track of time and often find the work somewhat meditative.  I love the process and enjoy making the materials that make the final pieces.  The process guides the result, so the finished piece can even surprise me.  I enjoy experimenting with different ideas and materials.

I have had pieces featured in two different Art Shows. After moving to Texas, I am continuing to find venues to sell my work, including setting up this website and a Facebook page.