I started weaving and jewelry making because I love making things. I never considered myself an artist, but I always had a passion for doing craft projects and making gifts for my family and friends. This passion translated itself into a desire to expand my own capabilities.  And so I have been learning techniques for making jewelry for 25 years. I started with precious metal clay where I learned about fusing glass in a kiln.  Here, I began incorporating color, shape and movement in my work.

I love color and for that reason have been drawn to including stones, colored and dichroic glass and combining copper, silver and brass metals in my work.  I have often fused the glass and shaped the stones that I include in my pieces. In recent years, I have found stones and glass that are so beautiful, or, may have special meaning, that I have bought them to make into new pieces. As I learn new techniques or experiment with old ones my work grows and changes with me.

Each of my pieces is unique. I really enjoy making pieces that are one of a kind.  I have a few items that are similar, but they are all individually made.  When I work, I lose track of time and often find the work somewhat meditative.  This led me to study many meditative techniques that have helped me channel these energies into my life and my work.  I have especially enjoyed the special energies of Reiki, Ho’oponopono ( an ancient Hawaiian ritual tradition) and sound healing energy and have found ways to incorporate their healing powers into my pieces.

I love the process and enjoy making the materials that make the final pieces.  The process guides the result, so the finished piece can even surprise me.  I enjoy experimenting with different ideas and materials. Recently, I took some classes to learn to draw and I started doodling. I then find creatures that are hiding in my doodle to highlight. My creative process continues to lead me in new directions which I enjoy sharing with others.

Since moving to Texas over a decade ago, I have had pieces featured in  Art Shows, Exhibits, and I am now finding more venues to sell my work, including updating my website and Facebook page. In 2021, we moved to Waco, Texas, a small city in Central Texas that is becoming known for its cultural innovation and creative energy. We moved here to be near one of our children and her family (and our 2 grandchildren) and we also travel each year to the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast to visit our other 2 children and their spouses and to visit our friends and family. Of course, I am always on the lookout for new stones, new energy, and inspiration to make special pieces of jewelry as soon as I return to my studio.